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 Navigating Tech Chaos, Forging Success Together!

My Journey

Your Agile Tech Allies for Success!

Our team of seasoned consultants are not just experts; they are battle-tested software engineers with a solid startup background. 

Scrum and Kanban certified, they thrive in the chaos, having managed young, dynamic tech teams through the storm of uncertainty. 

At Tech Rōnins, we bring a unique blend of technical prowess and startup grit, ensuring your company is equipped for success in today's fast-paced tech landscape.

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Scrum outside of IT? 

Why only use Scrum in IT projects? How much can we bend it before it breaks? I tried!

If you are new to Agile methods, this book should cover the basics without being overly technical. If you are a seasoned coach, this book proposes a new angle.

Discover How I planned my Wedding with Scrum, foreword by Mike Cohn himself!

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Tech Rōnins Podcast

The Tech Rōnins team meets twice a month to talk about technical leadership! 

With my old pal Pierre Feray-Ferrand, we share our war stories and learning on our path to continuous improvement, always looking for new inspiring guests.

Listen to us to keep learning, stay sharp and share with the community!

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Currently Senior Engineering Manager at SwissBorg. 

Working at a fast-paced crypto scale-up requires dedication, but boy do we all learn every day!

Always creating value, working with my teams to make wealth management fun, fair and community centric!

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