My Journey

Embark on My Journey: A Fusion of Tech, Leadership, and Life Hacking

Greetings! I'm Julien Deray, an engineering manager with a passion for pioneering leadership, cutting-edge technology, and the art of life hacking. Born in France, bootstrapped in the UK and hailing from the scenic landscapes of Portugal, I find my rhythm in the remote realm, steering brillant engineering teams for a forward-thinking crypto company.

My journey unfolds at the intersection of computer science and the relentless pursuit of human connection. With a background deeply rooted in back-end development, I've navigated the dynamic landscape of startups, earning my stripes as a Scrum and Kanban certified software engineer. Thriving in the chaos, I dedicate my days to orchestrating young and dynamic teams, forging success.

As the architect of Tech Rōnins, I've honed a unique approach to consulting. Our battle-tested consultants aren't just experts; they're comrades in the startup trenches, adept at managing chaos and crafting order from complexity.

Beyond the realm of code, my love for leadership finds expression in a podcast dedicated to unraveling the intricacies of technical leadership. Join me in exploring the ever-evolving landscape where technology, leadership, and processes converge.

But it's not all about bits and bytes. My downtime is a symphony of guitar strings and the exploration of life hacks that transcend the ordinary. From the vibrant streets of Lisbon to the virtual corridors of remote collaboration, my journey continues, fuelled by the passion for innovation and the pursuit of financial freedom.

Embark on this odyssey with me – where challenges are opportunities, and every line of code tells a story. Let's redefine what's possible and craft a narrative of success together.

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Senior Engineering Manager 
@ SwissBorg (Remote)

Leading a couple of squads, managing 10+ Software Engineers and fellow Engineerings Managers 🤓

Agilistes becomes Tech Rōnins

Our ambition evolves, we start our own consulting company!

Publication of "How I Planned my Wedding with Scrum"

After one year of effort, I publish my first book!

Engineering Manager 
@ SwissBorg (Remote)

SwissBorg trusts me to take a first team, then a second. Together we scale the Engineering team up from 30 to 70 people in 12 months 🚀

Launch of "Agilistes" podcast

Pierre and I decide to start recording and publishing our discussions about our daily life at work, sharing our problems, finding solutions, and straightening our knowledge about Agile methodologies.

Engineering Manager 
@ Artos Systems (London)

Artos scales up and needs a new line between the Engineering teams and the CTO. 

Certified Kanban Foundation KMP 1

My love for Kanban is just starting!

Certified Scrum Master

Meeting Mike Cohn and Scrum Alliance.

Senior Back-end Engineer
@ Artos Systems (London)

Making my first professional steps in crypto! After a successful ICO, I join as the first employee, soon joined by many talented software engineers. 

CTO & Co-founder
@ Mespo (London)

Fintech start-up proposing a white-labelled financial advisor chatbot solution. My first steps as a leader, hired 7 people! 

Entered BootCamp FinTech London cohort 2017, raised £ 100k.

Full-stack developer
@ PDX (London)

First time as first employee in an early-stage start up. Did not last long, but taught me a lot about London's start up scene!

Graduated Software Engineer

Masters degree in Software Engineering

IMT Atlantique (Engineering School), Nantes (FR)

Apprentice developer
@ Serli (France)

Having my first impact as a developer 🙌 Learning Java, Scala, Javascript, and how to create value for our clients. 

My Values 

Discipline = Freedom

Stop starting,
Start finishing

How you do anything is how you do everything

Ego is the enemy