How I Planned My Wedding with Scrum

How far can Scrum be twisted? What can we learn from it?

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When we think about Scrum, we think "post-it", "software" or "ceremonies". We picture a set of rigid rules that need to be enforced by a "Scrum Master". But what if using it in a different context could help us get to the bottom of it, understand its core principles?

This is the experiment I put in place in 2019 when the time had come for me to organise the biggest personal project of my life: my wedding. With the help of my wife and the Agile Manifesto, I stripped Scrum down and found the pieces that, once slightly rearranged, would allow me to use it outside of its comfort zone. By tilting the angle, I got to ask myself new questions and strengthen my practice of agility.

Whether you are new to Agile Methodologies or a kick-ass Scrum Master, dive with me into the core principles that make the building blocks of every Agile framework and learn to see Scrum in a new light. Community Podcast

"Dave West is joined by Julien Deray, a fellow podcaster, Scrum practitioner and author of the book, How I Planned my Wedding with Scrum. They discuss what Julien learned while planning his wedding with his wife and how Scrum helped them stay organised and plan their wedding incrementally. Listen in for this fun discussion about using Scrum for complex work outside of software."

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Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

"Julien wrote the book titled “How I Planned My Wedding with Scrum” to apply his knowledge of Scrum to the process of wedding planning. Scrum provided him with a sense of assurance, clarity, and familiarity with the tools he knew best. By deepening his understanding and applying Scrum principles, Julien found that it helped him feel more in control and provided clarity throughout the planning process. Furthermore, working as a team with his parents and family members reinforced the collaborative nature of Scrum."

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